Where to Start

There are a lot of questions once you realize you are getting married. Hopefully you have told your love ones about your good news. After that engaged couples usually will run online and find a bridal book that has pockets and dividers and looks great. Well that is great but these books will not answer your questions.

To start, have a conversation with your fiancée and talk about what you all dream your wedding will be.  Is it small and intimate or filled with both of your large families. Will it be in your backyard, at your favorite restaurant or in an immaculate hotel?  Once you have answered this question, start a list of the people who you would like to invite to get a sense of your guest count.   This will help you find venues that can fit the people who you invite.

Next look at money.  Will your both pay for the whole affair or will other contribute to your wedding? How much will everyone spend. When will the money be available to put down for deposits.

There are a lot of thing to think about before you send out your invitations.  Enjoy planning.


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