Color at Your Wedding

Color is an element that is easily incorporated into any event especially a wedding. Your color choice can be monochromatic (all of one color) or a color schemes of 2 or more colors. I would not recommend more than four colors because it becomes harder to incorporate the colors equally.


Picture courtesy of Clear Focus Photography

Once you have decided on color(s), the fun can begin. One of the ways couple usually express color is in there bridal parties’ attire. When choosing a color for the party, choose a tone that will complement their complexion. Remember in nature there are lots of shades of your favorite color.

Another way to incorporate color is through linen. Linen can be a simple choice but can add lots of pizazz to your event. Some linens are designed to change color when the light hits it.

One of my favorite ways to add color is through flowers. Flowers come in lots of shades and hues. Flowers can also be used for an hombre effect (going from light to dark or vice versa).


Color can also set the mood and tone of your wedding so have fun choosing your color for your occasion.

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